About Hartel Dance Group is one of Oklahoma's Leading Contemporary Dance Companies

Hartel Dance Group 

is a new not‐for‐profit 

modern dance company based in 

Oklahoma City, OK.  HDG’s mission is to 

combine innovative choreography, dance 

training, performance and educational 

programs to create dance experiences that 

engage the audience and celebrate live 

performance art. 



HDG’s passionate and athletic work 

explores physical and emotional aspects of 

the human condition and ultimately seeks 

to communicate with the audience on a 

visceral level.                                                        

Hartel Dance Group has made a dynamic 

impact on the Oklahoma dance 

community, performing since 2006.   

Recent HDG performances include 

participation at the New Genre Festival in 

Tulsa, OK, the Florida Arts Festival in Fort 

Myers and a full evening HDG performance 

presented by the Rose State Theater Live! 

season in Midwest City, Oklahoma.   

In fall 2009, Hartel Dance Group completed a six 

month international residency in Asunción, 

Paraguay.  The company performed and 

conducted educational dance programs in 

association with Paraguay’s National Institution 

of Fine Arts.   

HDG was recently nominated as a Top 5 finalist 

for the Oklahoma Gazette “Best of OKC 2010” 

best theater or dance company. 


   “a dose of pure                             

revivifying   oxygen”



-Jennifer Dunning,  New York Times

   “I am not sure “dance” adequately defines      the performance. It is more like a spiritual communion between body and music. They breathe life and inspiration into pulsating sounds with clarity and a combination of acrobatic and dance moves. They defy gravity as they soar through the air and push the limitations of their limbs”,

                  -Laurie Lawson, Punch In International.