Hartel's Brain Child

What is OIDF?

“Oklahoma International Dance Festival was created to provide the best teachers to emerging artists in the field of dance,” said Austin Hartel, the founder of Oklahoma International Dance Festival. “When I was a student, I was fortunate enough to be able to be taught from the best of the best in world-class facilities in Philadelphia and New York City. After moving to Oklahoma, I noticed those same experiences are not as readily available to students in the central part of the United States.”


The festival’s diverse lineup of dance instructors will travel from Germany, Paraguay, Spain, Romania and within the United States to teach in Oklahoma this summer. Targeting the pre-professional/collegiate level dancer, OIDF seeks to provide world-class professional training for the central region of the United States and beyond.


“My desire to create a festival to bring in teachers from all over the world came about because the location of a dancer should not limit the access to greatness. We are excited to provide a safe environment from Covid with a unique opportunity here in the great state of Oklahoma,” Hartel said.

Photo Jana Carson | Artist Carlie Preskitt